The representative of Durag Group has visited Thanh Thien


Thanh Thien had the opportunity to welcome Mr. Oliver De Souza – the representative of Durag Group, to visit the company’s workplace in Ho Chi Minh City.

Representatives of the two companies discussed cooperation opportunities in future works and projects with high requirements on technical criteria and certificates such as ATEX, IECEx, MCERTS, etc.

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Other news

Thanh Thien has a firefighting training at Ho Chi Minh office

The representatives of Thu Duc City Fire Police came to Thanh Thien to train how to response to fires and explosions at the office.


The representative of Acoem Group has a visit to Thanh Thien

Thanh Thien was pleased to welcome Ms. Nattha Butler and Mr. Ekawat Sakorn - representatives of Acoem Group who have just visited and worked with Thanh Thien at the company’s office in Ho Chi Minh City.


A representative of SIEMENS AG has a visit to Thanh Thien

Recently, Thanh Thien had the honor to welcome Mr. Anil Nayak - a representative of Siemens AG to visit and learn about the company's activities.


Thanh Thien joined the application and basic sales training course organized by our partner Opsis

Thanh Thien engineers have just attended the application and introductory sales training course in the Philippines.


The representative of In-Situ has a visit to Thanh Thien

Thanh Thien is glad to welcome Mr. Alex Hing, the representative of the In-Situ company, to visit the office in Ho Chi Minh City.